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Business Development & Strategy

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Struggling to grow your community, leads and revenue? Want to launch a new program, product or business?While most businesses are on social media, they struggle to consistently expand their community and generate leads.The Soko Biz Booster programs help you create a digital growth machine.We'll refine your digital business positioning, product, marketing, content and sales process.Get started today and see results in only 30 days

Who are Soko Shapers?

The Community of Brilliant African Thinkers

Soko Shapers share their best ideas to attract a community of supporters and promoters.

They are business leaders committed to growing their impact and income by influencing their sectors.

We believe in the double bottom line (profit and impact) and invite you to join this sustainable growth movement.

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Brand Building Workshops

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Brands are the secret weapon to growing your income and impact.Get clarity on transforming your experiences and best ideas into opportunity & community magnets.Soko brands cut through the crowd and give you an unfair advantage.It's not business as usual here. We go beyond the superficial.Traditional brand building is selfish, but Soko brands are generous and transformational.

Soko Stories

A Newsletter Documenting Digital Brands Shaping Business & Society In Africa

Learn the Strategies behind African Digital Trendsetters.
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New Media Strategies for Social Movements and Business

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Brand & Influence Research

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Documenting The Effect and Evolution of New Media in African Societies and Business.The African Digital Ecosystem is growing at an astonishing rate. Its growth is changing society, media and business; documenting this evolution is critical.The Soko Think Tank Exists to Document Trends and Insights From Powerful African Digital Trendsetters.

About Us

Soko Shapers Africa is an African Business Accelerator & Social Enterprise

We nurture the next generation of Soko (Market) Shapers in Africa through brand and business acceleration.Our mission is to grow impact movements and businesses while amplifying Africa’s best ideas, thinkers and leaders.We leverage digital tech and media to produce research and create innovative business programs that accelerate business development, marketing, and sales.

Our audacious goal is to transform 1,000,000 African experts, entrepreneurs & change leaders into business & culture shapers by 2035.

Excited by our vision? Reach out below for collaborations or research commissions.